When we launched Idle Distiller two years ago, we knew we liked to play the game, but would others? We found out the answer to that question was a resounding ‘yes’ when Idle Distiller quickly made the top 100 grossing lists in over 30 countries. And now we’ve reached a new major milestone with the game - one million downloads!

While one million is a BIG number and an achievement we’re proud of, what’s behind that number has greater meaning to us. It means that the Idle Distiller community is thriving! 

At Kano, we make social games that bring people together, and to see that our game has brought together so many people, well, that is truly humbling. As we wrote in a previous blog article (you can read it here), drinks are a part of every culture. Drinks can bring people together to mark the highs (a toast to the happy couple 🥂!) and the lows (drown your sorrows🍺). In Idle Distiller, drinks have brought together a community of family and friends, and, to us, that’s pretty special. 

Thank you to everyone who helped get us to this point, and cheers to a million more!