Did you know?

Kano was bootstrapped on savings and has yet to take external funding. This allows us to stay focused on building great social experiences.


Kano was bootstrapped in 2008 in Victoria, B.C. by technical founders with no prior experience in the gaming industry, and at a time when the mobile, free-to-play gaming space we cater to today didn’t really exist. We got our start in the nascent social gaming space that platforms like Facebook and Myspace facilitated, and we were among the early pioneers of an emerging gaming category.

Viking Clan was our first foray into social games and would teach us the importance of putting the player first. By leveraging the web, we were able to release live changes and see immediate results. Spending time in the player support trenches answering emails, responding to forums, and engaging with Facebook comments allowed us to rapidly improve the gaming experience for our players. We learned early on that if you put players first, players will last. We continue to put the player front and centre in almost everything we do. Decisions are made with our players in mind. 

We started with a handful of employees in an office in downtown Victoria. Today, Kano has 30+ employees located across Canada, and we plan to keep growing!