Why you might like it here

Great games are made by equally great people.

We’re a small, but growing, company where each team member can have an impact. We don’t do “crunch culture”, and we want our team members to have work-life balance. We do this by offering remote work opportunities (work where you want!) and flexible hours (work when you want!). We believe in transparency fostered by communication and collaboration. We also believe in the positive power of pets and have several office dogs who take turns brightening up the office!

While we got our start in beautiful Victoria, B.C, our Kanodians are now a remote workforce, spread across Canada, but connected by our shared values. Maintaining a sense of community when our team members are not in the same physical space can be challenging, but we take time to hold regular virtual get-togethers so all our team members can see each other’s smiling faces. And we still have in-person events and activities. A monthly Beer Friday at our downtown Victoria office for our local team members, and the Kano Summit where all our team members come together in Victoria for a week of meetings, seminars and team-building.

Compensation & Benefits

  • 3 weeks of paid vacation (to start) plus paid time off between Christmas and New Year
  • Competitive salary and uncapped profit-share program
  • 12 care days / year (sick leave & paid time off)
  • Flexible working hours
  • Remote/Hybrid work (optional work in office in Victoria BC)
  • Comprehensive health & dental benefits
  • Team training & education opportunities

What we value

Player Obsession

Player impact is our touchstone. We work to earn our players’ trust, seek to understand their  pain points, and build games that cater to our players’ wants and needs – not our own.


At Kano we don’t just complete tasks, we own outcomes. If we make mistakes, we are the first to take responsibility. We never say, “That’s not my job.”


We do more with less and understand that there will be constraints that will require us to be resourceful in our pursuit of impactful solutions. Impossible is a challenge we gladly accept.

Continuous Improvement

We are in a perpetual pursuit of “better”. We are relentless about improving and value individuals with the curiosity to learn, grow, and push themselves, and our games to be better. Check out our library at:

Read our Team Member Manual to learn more about us!



“Kind Co-workers - Stability - Remote work available”

Current Employee, more than 4 years


“Great employer in social game space”

Current Employee


“Amazing people, engaging work”

Current Employee, more than 1 year

Our Hiring Process


Our awesome People Ops team reviews every application that comes in. We aim to respond to every person whether they are moving on to the next step or not.


This is an opportunity to get a general sense of who an applicant is as a person and for them to learn more about the role, ask questions and discuss salary expectations.


This differs with each role and sometimes isn’t even part of the process but is our way of gauging a person’s skill set against the job requirements. It could be a take-home test, an interview to talk through their technical abilities or even a live test.


If everything has gone well up to this point, the candidate is then invited for a background interview, which is a deep dive into the candidate’s career history and values to determine if Kano is the right place for them.


If you are a thumbs up, we will request references and move to extending an offer. No matter how the process ends, we always get back to candidates to let them know how the process went and why we went in the direction we did.

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