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With a little spiritual guidance from their old buddy Farrel, Terry and Dean discover there is a world record for the longest party in history… and it is not held by them! But how can they break the record when they are flat broke?!

Opportunity knocks in the form of a Government Small Business Loan, and they take full advantage along with all their banger buds by starting all kinds of wild money-making schemes right in Terry’s house!

Help Terry and Deaner expand their money-maker businesses by collecting cards, upgrading businesses, and gettin’ their buds to run them. Participate in weekly events, complete challenges, avoid the federalis and earn trunks full of cash! With BRAND NEW STORIES and weekly SPECIAL EVENTS, there is always a reason to throw up the horns and just give’r!

As Terry and Dean say, “Remember, there ain’t no participation ribbon. At day’s end, you gotta GIVE’R to yer LIVER!”


Think press releases funkin’ blow? Don’t take our word for it, watch the game trailer below!