We have awesome team members here at Kano, and we want you to get to know them (and us!) better!

Next up in the Employee Spotlight is Sean Santin.

➡️ Name.

Sean Santin.

➡️ What is your role at Kano?

Quality Assurance (I try to test out features before they are released, to prevent bugs from impacting players).

➡️ Where are you located?

Alberta (I work remotely for Kano).

➡️ What have been some of your favourite projects you’ve worked on while at Kano?

The live streams! A few years ago, I started them with a few other team members and I'm so glad to see how they have grown! Ben and Henry are dynamite hosts!

➡️ What do you like most about working at Kano?

The team members are awesome.

➡️ What do you like to do in your spare time?

I love cooking! Since I gotta eat every day, I figured why not get good at it.

➡️ Tell us a fun fact about yourself.

I grew up in Bali Indonesia for a decade, before moving to Canada.