​FUBAR: Just Give'r

Mullet-heads unite! FUBAR: Just Give'r will pick up where the movies left off, with Terry and Deaner embarking on a quest to beat the World Record for Longest Party. Team up with the FUBAR duo to become an Idle Party Tycoon! Tap your way to Idle Party Leader status, one Day and Party at a time!

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- Automate businesses
- Earn idle cash while you are offline
- Invest profits wisely to attract more customers for maximum returns
- Collect and Upgrade over 20 Characters for various boosts
- Unlock and Renovate 10+ Businesses for bigger returns
- Prestige to end each day with a house wrecking party
- 25 Days of Awesome Idle and Narrative Game Play - MORE DAYS COMING SOON
- Weekly Limited Events
- Social Play with Facebook Friends
- Global Event Leaderboards - COMING SOON
- Pilsner! Awooos! Give’rs! Farrel taking five!

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